School of Music Prospective Student Information Page (including: how to apply, audition, etc.)

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The UNCG School of Music is recognized as one of the most prestigious institutions in the nation and current publications have identified us as one of the “best buys” in college education. The School of Music occupied its new state-of-the-art facility in the fall of 1999, and with over 600 students and over 50 full-time faculty we combine a large enough size to have all necessary amenities while maintaining small class sizes and a strong sense of community. We have an active performing faculty and excellent student ensembles such as the Symphony Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Symphony and University Bands, and Chamber groups of all sizes, including wind quintets, quartets, trios, and bassoon ensembles!

Unlike more specialized programs in conservatory-type institutions or more general curricula encountered in most departments of music, studies in the UNCG School of Music complement rigorous professional training with that broad liberal education necessary for students to function as informed, responsible citizens and to communicate effectively as musicians.

Undergraduate Programs

Scholarships are available to talented undergraduate music majors and are based upon the entering audition. You should plan on applying early and auditioning as soon as possible. I would suggest that Undergraduate applicants take the SAT as soon as possible if you have not already done so. There are academic scholarships available, which can offer far more financial help than the School of Music alone. If your grades are good at school and you have a good SAT score (1200 or more) then you should look into our top academic awards, the Blue and Gold (Merit Award) scholarships.

Graduate Programs

Graduate students are considered for merit-based scholarships awarded in the form of an assistantship. Graduate assistants in bassoon have been responsible for playing in the Graduate Wind Quintet, helping with woodwind methods class; coaching various chamber music groups; performing in large ensembles; and, in some cases, teaching advanced majors in Dr. Burns’s absence. Recent graduates of doctoral programs at the UNCG School of Music have experienced excellent career placement upon completion of their degree programs, whether performing on the international opera stage, touring with major military bands, serving as public school music supervisors, or assuming artist/teacher faculty positions in respected colleges and universities.

International Students

The School of Music at UNCG and the International Programs Center cooperate to offer international students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels a supportive and nurturing environment.  Prospective students are reminded that they must meet all School of Music entrance requirements as well those of the International Programs Center and either Undergraduate Admissions, or the Graduate School. For more information please visit the UNCG International Programs Center website.