Below are selected sound samples of Michael Burns performing on the bassoon. Additional samples can be found on the Compositions page. Reviews can be found on the Reviews page. Videos can be found on the Movies page.

Samples from the CD, Primavera: Music for Bassoon and Piano by Bassoonists, 8084-MCD
released on the Mark Masters label August 2009:
Michael Burns, bassoon; Ināra Zandmane, piano
available at, Forrests Music, Charles Double Reed, Vann Cott Information Services, NEW! now available on iTunes!!
The CD was in contention for a 2011 Grammy Award in two categories: Best Classical Album and Classical: Best Chamber Music Performance. Click here for a press release with more information.

Sonata (1981) by John Steinmetz
MP3 Samples from the CD:
YouTube videos of a live performance of the Steinmetz Sonata by Michael Burns at IDRS 2011, Tempe AZ

Two Aotearoa Sketches (2004) by Michael Burns
I. Moods/Modes
II. A New Years' Piece
(YouTube videos posted by Michael Burns)

Reverie and Dance (1989/1990) by David Kirby

Prima Vera (2000) by Ray Pizzi
(YouTube video posted by Ray Pizzi)

Sonata for Bassoon and Piano [For Irmgard] (revised 1997) by Ron Klimko
I. Moderate tempo-Like a Slow March
II. Very Fast, Rhythmic
III. Very Slow and as Gentle as Possible
IV. Fast and WIld_ In the Style of a Gypsy Dance

Samples from the CD, Song Of Middle Earth: Percussion Music of Daniel McCarthy. CAP 850
Summer 1999

Bundles of Sticks for Bassoon and Multiple Percussion by Daniel McCarthy
I. Wood and Wind
II. On the Edge
Michael Burns, bassoon; Nathan Daughtrey, multiple percussion
available from C. Alan Publications and at

Samples from the CD, EastWind Trio d'Anches Looks East: Reed Trios of Eastern Europe. Centaur CRC-2972
EastWind Trio d'Anches, Mary Ashley Barret, oboe, Kelly Burke, clarinet, Michael Burns, bassoon

Trio na obój, klarnet i fagot by Witold Lutoslaski
I. Allegro moderato

Oclaba by Frigyes Hidas
IV. Allegro Leggiero

Divertissement by Erwin Schulhoff
IV. Charleston

Trio by Antono Szalowski
IV. Allegro

Five Old Dances by Erzsébet Szönyi
II. Sarabande

Sonatina by Sàndor Varess
II. Andante
Available from Centaur Records

Samples from the CD, The Russian Clarinet. Centaur CRC 2562
EastWind Trio d'Anches, Mary Ashley Barret, oboe, Kelly Burke, clarinet, Michael Burns, bassoon

Trio, Op. 17 by Dmitri Melkikh
I. Molto cantabile
II. Vivace scherzando
III. Allegro
available from

Samples from the CD, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor: Chamber Music. Centaur CRC 2691

CD review from the Classical Voice of North Carolina,
Nonet in F minor, Op. 2
I. Allegro energico
II. Andante con moto
III. Scherzo_ Allegro
IV. Finale_ Allegro vivace
Available from itunes and from

A sample of something different . . . Funk bassoon!
Playing bassoon on a track called SAUDI FUNK by my oldest brother Andy Burns. Recorded in Melbourne, Australia, 2001 at Fantasy Caves Studio. Andy plays all other instruments and does the vocals.
For more information see Andy's website:

Samples from Michael Burns' Concerto performances:
Duet-Concertino by Richard Strauss
(live performance with the UNCG Symphony Orchestra conducted by Robert Gutter, October 27, 2006. Kelly Burke, Clarinet, Michael Burns, bassoon)
II. Andante

Concerto in e minor, RV 484 by Antonio Vivaldi
(live performance with the Fibonacci Chamber Orchestra conducted by Matthew Troy, August 9, 2006)
II. Andante
III. Allegro